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Award-Winning Screenwriter & Script Consultant

Welcome to The Write Script! I know the art of writing a screenplay can be extremely overwhelming, but the good news is that you are not alone.

I have also been in the position of a budding writer as well as a professional Script Reader/Consultant.  

I understand how daunting it can be to stare at a blank page or screen and feel completely lost. Believe me, I've been there. 

Being on both sides of the spectrum as a writer and a consultant gave me an interesting perspective from a writer's point of view. I also understood my responsibility to give my clients genuine and honest feedback.

The worst thing I could do as a consultant would be to simply tell my customers what they want to hear. 

My ultimate goal first and foremost is to help my clients produce a quality screenplay that is ready for the marketplace

Once I help a client's fears and apprehension about the art of writing fade away, then I know I have done my job. 

What I Specialize In...

Executive Level Development Notes

“Jessica did an excellent job formatting my script for me. Watching YouTube videos and trying to figure out formatting sometimes isn't enough, so I was glad to get affordable and unbiased professional help to fix things up for me. My biggest fear with writing a script is getting it tossed out because of small errors, so this came in handy. Writing is a skill that takes perfecting, patience, and thick skin, so Jessica's service really helped and I will be coming back next time for future polishing/proofreading."

-- Destin Troyce 

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